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Food can lift us up or drag us down, and poor nutrition is the leading contributor to presenteeism — which costs employers 10 times more than absenteeism. Fortunately, when healthy foods are less expensive and more convenient, people eat more of them and enjoy better health.

So we’re making healthy eating benefits as common as vision and dental coverage — and way tastier!

Simple +
Flexible 😌

Instead of requiring full buy-in and complex billing up front, we simplify things. Our bite-sized pilots make it easy to sample nutrition benefits affordably and with no long-term commitment. If it’s a good fit, we work together to create an ongoing offering your employees will love.

Optional +
Private ✅

Nobody wants their boss telling them to eat their broccoli, and employees are rightfully wary of invasive, largely ineffective “wellness” programs. That’s why our offerings are opt-in only. If employees choose to participate, they simply enjoy discounts on healthy foods and services — without forfeiting their privacy. And if they choose not to participate, they aren’t punished.


Sign Up 🍍

You define the scope of your NutritionBenefits Pilot, then we open it up to employees. It can be limited to certain teams or a set number of employees; it’s up to you! Check out some popular options below…

Buy + Enjoy! 🥑

Participating employees use discount codes to buy curated, plant-based foods from brands like Thrive Market and Purple Carrot plus add-ons like cooking courses and kitchen tools.

Next Steps… 📉

Employees submit feedback about benefit engagement and usefulness, which we de-identify and use to guide next steps. Whether you extend your pilot, end it, or launch a full-on program, we help you make a decision that truly serves your team.



Options + Pricing 🛒

Support employees’ healthy eating efforts with discounted groceries, meals, and more! Choose the Pilot Package, Gift Package, or create your custom nutrition benefit from the options below…

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Featured Brands


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Expert Takes: Food as Prevention* 🍏

*These quotes refer not to NutritionBenefits specifically but to food as prevention in general. We have no affiliation with these experts and link to all sources.

“All payers, both public and private, should integrate food and nutrition services into preventive care.” (Food is Prevention: The Case for Integrating Food and Nutrition Interventions into Healthcare)

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH

“…innovative programs to encourage and reimburse healthy eating can and should be integrated into the healthcare system.” (Tufts Now)

Michael Greger, MD, FACLM

“Imagine how much money companies can save!” (Referring to the Plant-Based Workplace Intervention described here.)

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